HvE Zügel von PS of Sweden

  • HvE Zügel von PS of Sweden
  • HvE Zügel von PS of Sweden
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A unique rein designed for jumping!

Together with Henrik von Eckermann, PS of Sweden has designed these unique reins adapted for jumping.

The fabric is slightly thicker than regular reins and has rubber-covered inside for best grip regardless of weather. The reins have extra large "bumps" to optimize a steady hand. It is 8 cm between each "bump.”

The reins are shorter than regular reins to minimize the risk of the rider’s leg getting caught in the reins.

The reins have double martingale stoppers to ensure that the martingale stays in place and does not get caught.

The reins have PS patented elastic Cradles™ in polyester to offer a softer contact between the horse's mouth and rider’s hand.